PT Bima Sakti Pertiwi Tbk, established in 1980, the Company is present as a leading property developer in Riau. The Company has proven its dedication and participation in developing the best properties in Riau for decades , especially in the city of Pekanbaru

In carrying out its business, the Company prioritizes not only commercial values ​​in terms of business investment but also social and cultural values. One of the Company's projects that is quite prominent is “Pekanbaru Mall”, the first mall built in the city of Pekanbaru. A shopping center that is connected to a 5-star hotel, namely the Grand Jatra Hotel Pekanbaru. As the first project, PT Bima Sakti Pertiwi Tbk has been a pioneer in the one stop shopping concept. At present, other developers have followed suit by adapting the One Stop Shopping concept.

Going forward, the Company will continue to develop innovations in order to increase its comparative advantages and will continue to utilize its experience and expertise to stay at the forefront business property in Riau

Board of Directors

Christopher Sumasto

President Director

Tjia Daniel Wirawan


Leonardus Sutarman


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